Friday, October 22, 2010

The Rose Garden

After much pondering and discussion it was agreed that alyssum flowers would be planted into the two front beds. So in preparation Room 2 kindly offered to come and help the Green team weed these two beds and the rose garden as well! This took place last Friday and everyone was working so hard that Mrs Blackburn had trouble convincing her children to return to class to pack up the classroom! The children had great fun discovering all sorts of bugs and beetles. One was heard to say that they’d “ never done this before”, and another “I don’t want to go home, can we do some more after school?” Of course the whole of Room 2 has now joined the Green Team.

This week, wonderful Mr Wood and his trailer collected 4 scoops of soil for the beds. At lunch time a large group of Greenteamers and many volunteers worked a chain of buckets and emptied the trailer, very speedily, onto the garden. In no time at all the soil was spread, and is all ready to plant up. Thank you Mr Wood for helping us out!! We are just awaiting our plants now.

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