Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 Starts with a Bean Feast!!!

Another year, and the new Green team for 2011 kicked off with a bean harvest and feast! Our beans had grown well over the holidays thanks to Emily Rose, Hazel and their Mum who kindly kept up the watering. Everything is looking great!
Last Friday some of the senior school Green teamers, picked and then cooked up the beans for a feast at lunch time. We compared the taste of raw and cooked beans, and there were fans of both!

Green Team membership in the Senior school has rocketed to 64!!!! The Junior school has yet to sign up, however numbers are expected to be just as high. That would mean over half the school is now part of the Green Team! Fantastic!

So... this will mean a new way of managing our projects, and will probably involve each class taking turns to help out in particular areas, and on certain projects. This is going to be a wonderful year with so many children involved.

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