Thursday, December 15, 2011

Spud in a Bucket Results

Yesterday was weigh-in day and of the 80 buckets sold, 41 were returned for the judging!
Overall the plants looked small, and this may well have accounted for the less than expected turn out, however the proof would be in what lay beneath!
The Green team leaders from Room 10, Hanna, Sean and Amber, weighed and counted potatoes from each bucket.
The competition was close, however the following two entries each won a family meal (leg of lamb, spring carrots, cauliflower and/or chocolates) to go with their potaoes:
Heaviest Crop -Chris North (Ngaire's Dad Room 7)
Most Potatoes- Serena Boeyen-Stowers Room 9
Chocolates went to the following winners:
Orana Park Award(Potatoes Look Like Animals) Mrs Holland
Potato Most Resembling a Bottom (this replaced the Most Romantic category as there were no entries!)-Daniel Hawkey D'aeth Room 7
The Best Decorated Bucket (As judged by Mr Wood!)- Shiann Scobie Room 8

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all those who had a go!
A huge thank you to Bunnings who had supplied us with the seed potatoes and buckets and therefore allowed us to spend up on the prizes! Rose and Penny met up with our winners and also had some Bill and Bruce Bunning's teddys for those who entered.
Next year we intend to start earlier and will be quizzing Chris and Serena on their secrets!

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