Friday, March 25, 2011

Catch Up

Today we were busy with a bit of a clean and tidy up of some of the gardens in front of the senior classrooms. The Green team members of Rooms 10 and 11 weeded the beds outside their rooms, while Room 9 members weeded some of the vegetable garden and put fresh compost in the beds outside Room 4. The Juniors are planning to plant up their beds over the winter!
After lunch Mrs Douglas and her lovely Room 7 Juniors came out to weed more of the vegetable garden. Hannah and Sean from Room 10 demonstrated how the compost collection system turned food scraps into wonderful growing material.
Room 7 harvested cauliflowers, cabbages, tomatoes, beans, and the odd strawberry!
I think there will be a wee feast had early next week.!!

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