Monday, March 28, 2011

Cauliflower Soup for Room 7

Today Room 7 created and consumed curried cauliflower soup! At morning tea, Olivia, Dan, Sam, Kahu and Ngaire , chopped onions, cauliflower(harvested from Friday), and saute'd it all in butter and curry powder. Next they added chicken stock, water and the soup cooked until everything was soft. The staff room smelt devine, and many of the staff passing through stared longingly into the cooking pot, hoping for a try of the left overs! But it was not to be.
The mixture was then whizzed up, milk and flour added ( to thicken slightly), and served up at lunch time.
All but two members of the class were keen to try the soup, and second and third helpings were soon being served up! The pot was soon empty!
Well done Room 7. What great risk takers! Lovely new flavours to try at home.

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