Friday, June 10, 2011

Cosy Vege Garden

The Green team has been busy cleaning up and tidying up various parts of the school garden.
Yesterday lunch time, the children from the junior classes harvested the last of the potatoes. Leek and potato soup is on the menu for next week. Yummy!
The children also spread compost over the vege beds, making the leeks, silverbeet, cabbage and bok choi cosy for the winter! More peastraw managed to make its way onto the grass, than the garden beds, but was soon raked into the right place!
Broad beans were sown for a delicious spring feast.

The Green team, and Vic Philips, (our new school caretaker) continue to spread leaves and grass clippings over the area for our new native tree zone. Pea straw for this area is still to come.

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