Friday, June 3, 2011

Native Area Work Begins

Recently the Green team started clearing up along the Brougham St boundary and down the adjacent fence line as they began work on the area to be planted out in natives trees and shrubs over the next few months.
Children were busy raking up the leaves and mown grass to use as mulch for the ground area to be planted. John Moore, a friend of the school and member of the Lions organisation, who has put together our planting plan spent time cutting back some of the existing trees. These were planted 30 years ago and in real need of some attention.
Now that John has marked out the planting area, the Green team will spread more mulch and some of our own compost, and then pea straw over the lot so that we are already to start planting. Very exciting!! Jack Elphick came down to school to visit the Green team and see where his seedlings will be going.
Once the pea straw goes down, and the boundary is marked out with posts shall start the exciting job of planting.
The Christchurch City Council recently granted us $150.00 worth of plants from Trees for Canterbury. We look forward to going there to choose our plants in the next few weeks.
It is all coming together beautifully!!

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