Friday, September 2, 2011

Native Planting Underway

Today four children from Room 7 planted out 10 of the first trees to go into our new native garden. Seamus, Miracle, Serenity and Josh dug the holes and planted out the totara trees. The trees will form a boundary hedge down one end of the garden. During their digging they discovered treasures including old bits of pathway, ‘prehistoric’ tree roots, and an eraser that must be ‘from children that went to school 50 years ago. Was Ms Heath here then?”. Great fun! A huge thank you to the Christchurch City Council who donated the Trees for Canterbury(TFC) voucher that enabled us to get the first of our many plants.

As well as the totara, we were able to buy 5 matai, and then TFC donated 15 lancewood seedlings. We hope to plant these out soon once the planting plan is finalised. It is all very exciting!

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