Monday, September 19, 2011

University Team Adds to the Green Team

A new raised vegetable bed and four fruit trees have magically appeared in our gardens over the last few weeks! This was the work of Mark Meaclem and fellow students from the University of Canterbury Management department. Mark and his team, Dave, Jarrod, Dea, and John are doing a paper called Principles of Leadership and as part of the course, have to design a community project. They chose Addington school and expanding our garden area as their project. The team had a budget and sourced some of their materials from Oderings Nursery.
On Friday afternoons, the team have come in and worked with our children planning, building the bed, and planting trees. Last Friday, Mark, his team, and the Green Team planted out the new bed with potatoes, and weeded and put onions, cabbage and spinach in the existing beds. It was a great team effort. A concrete pad was prepared and the children left their hand prints and initials there for future generations to look at!
A huge thank you to Mark, Dave, Jarrod, Dea, John for the wonderful work they have done! The beds and fruit trees look amazing and have added a wonderful new dimension to our garden area. The children thoroughly enjoyed working with you, and especially learning the carpentry and concrete making skills. Thank you for your patience!!! Watched concrete never sets!!!

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